Comprehensive, State-of-the-Art Addiction Treatment for Men

RCM (Recovery Center for Men) recognizes the importance of gender distinction in addiction and mental health treatment. Many studies have shown that men and women often develop, experience and heal from addiction in completely different ways. The benefits of having separate treatment programs allow for the complex and unique needs of each gender to be met without gender based distractions.

RCM (Recovery Center for Men) is a specialized facility that was established by Palm Beach's addiction care leader, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches. RCM (Recovery Center for Men) was created to help fill the void of so few men only rehab centers in the US that really provide evidence-based treatment. We are very proud of thousands of men whom we have treated that have learned to successfully manage their addiction and enjoy productive lives filled with meaning and purpose. Recovery Center for Men will never try to sell you our latest book or employ any other schemes to sell you products while you are being treated at our facility. We know that our patients are in a vulnerable or suggestible state of mind and we will not take advantage of that like some other rehabs do, who are more focused on being authors or merchandisers. Our only goal at RCM is for you to achieve a successful recovery from your addiction.  Our professional medical staff combines innovative, cutting-edge clinical methodology in combination with a holistic approach to treatment. RCM (Recovery Center for Men) provides expert, targeted and comprehensive care to male patients suffering from substance abuse and mental illness. 

Men face a special set of challenges in their lives that often contribute to their addiction and mental illness. These challenges can include anything from coping with the pressures of providing for their loved ones and absorbing the worries of their families, to the stress of their demanding professional lives, to the inherent societal expectations of masculinity.

The professionals at RCM are aware of the specific mental health issues that men face and are committed to providing patients with quality addiction treatment and the tools necessary to effectively manage their mood disorders.

Our Specialized Approach to Care

Substance abuse is often a mere symptom of an underlying mental health issue. At RCM, it is our belief that before the patient begins to heal from drugs or alcohol, they must acknowledge, confront, accept and manage the trauma or mood disorder that has contributed to their addictions. We help them accomplish this by first ensuring medical stability through a safe and compassionate course of detox, then designing a customized course of rehabilitation that incorporates expert psychiatric counseling and a full menu of innovative therapies.

Recovery Center for Men offers a full range of specialized treatment tracks, intended to promote healing and address the unique and individualized care needs of our patient population. These Include:

Our patients receive the best care available while staying in our all-inclusive treatment facility. Our patients do not travel from one facility to another facility each time for their detox, their treatment, or their sleeping residences. Our highest in the industry doctor-to-patient ratios provide unmatched clinical care in an inviting and supportive South Florida environment. If you or your loved one is struggling with substance abuse or mental illness, call Recovery Center for Men today for help.

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Bio Bed Therapy for Men

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